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Practical suggestions for successful interfaith dialogue

Inter-religious Think-Tank


Version 1.01, 2015-12-16

ISBN: 978-3-03805-200-5 (PDF), 978-3-03805-201-2 (ePub), 978-3-03805-202-9 (mobi/kindle)

The translation of this booklet was generously funded by the Foundation “Dialog zwischen Kirchen, Religionen und Kulturen” in Basel/Switzerland. We are also extremely appreciative of the commitment of our translators, Paul, Jennifer, and Isobel Jenkins. It is available in various E-Book formats and as an online book. You can find additional information about this Edition at:

Copyright for the English Translation © 2015 Interreligiöser Think-Tank / Inter-religious Think-Tank, Basel (Switzerland):

The German Original was published in November 2013

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