Arguments for the abolition of private intellectual property rights

Andreas Von Gunten

Bookcover Front - Intellectual Property is Common Property


avgportrait_512x2My name is Andreas Von Gunten. I live and work in Switzerland, where I am involved in civil society campaigns focussing on intellectual property, net neutrality, privacy and other digital, civil and human rights related topics. Beside others I have founded buch & netz an online book-shop and publishing company in Switzerland.

This essay was originally submitted as a master dissertation in philosophy on 8. September 2014 to the Open University, Milton Keynes. It is available in various E-Book formats, as a printed book and as an online book.

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I am publishing this work under CC0 licence to the public domain, which means that you are free to do with it whatever you like. You are invited to treat this text as if there was no copyright law in place. But without trying to force you by law, I would appreciate it if you referred to this work, should you use it in your own texts, remixes or mashups, and that you keep my name as the source of the text if you are going to distribute it. You will see in this essay, that this is consistent with my claim for the abolition of private intellectual property rights.

You may contact through the form below, if you would like to discuss any of the topics mentioned in this work, or if you can provide me with interesting resources which support or challenge the assertions made here.

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